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Meet the Peek-a-boo Petites!

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Meet the Barbie Mini B's!

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Similar Dolls

Dolls by Mattel. Similar to the Peek-a-boo Petites Dolls.

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Similar Dolls

Welcome to the Peek-a-boo Petites Wiki!

The Peek-a-boo Petites Wiki is dedicated to Mattel's 2008 dolls the Peek-a-boo Petites! The dolls are no longer available in stores & the line has been discontinued along with the Barbie Mini B dolls. The dolls came with various accessories & a case to be carried in. Information on play-sets, Peek-a-boo dolls, Barbie Mini B dolls, & similar dolls & accessories of the sort will also be present on the wiki. This wiki has been protected to prevent editing.

Featured Series
Featured Mini B Series
Snowflake flurries


Snowflake Flurries Series consists of five Peek-a-boo Petites.

Signature Shoe Series consists of three Mini B's

Barbie Mini B

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Barbie Peek-a-boo Petites has more than eighteen lines of dolls, three play-sets, and exclusive dolls.
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Barbie Mini B's are a spin-off of the Peek-a-boo Petites dolls, they have fewer variety, no names, and most come with pets.
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